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At VCN we aim to provide the highest quality volleyball experience for our coaches, players, and parents. We hope to equip athletes for their future by fostering an environment of accountability and integrity.  Our community of coaches empowers athletes to take ownership of their journey and create a culture built on trust.  At VCN we strive for excellence on and off the court.

Current Registrations

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VCN Accomplishments Throughout the Years

  In 11 years…  
  12  Top 5 Finishes at Nationals  
  2  AAU National Championships (one Open, one Premier)
  2  Second Place AAU National Championships
  20  AAU All-Americans  
  2  AAU MVPs  
  11  National Tournament Gold Medals

1  USAV National Championship

VCNebraska VCN VCNebraska


VCN has 75+ athletes who have played or are currently playing in college. Our commitment and intention is to continually mentor and help our players to the next level.