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Train and Play Teams

all spots for our 4-6th Spring Season are full!

Possible Tournament Dates

Below are the possible tournament options.  That does not mean each team will play in every date.  7-9th will play in 4-5 dates.  4-6th Winter will play in the first two dates.  4-6th Spring will play in 2 of the last 3 dates.

Tourn 1 3-Feb Abbott Lincoln
Tourn 2 24-Feb TVA Omaha
Tourn 3 3/25 Abbott Lincoln
Tourn 4 4/22 TVA Omaha
Tourn 5 5-May Abbott Lincoln


Welcome to VCN's fourth season of our Train and Play program!  TP has grown to become one of our most popular programs.  We realize that young kids are busy.  They compete in multiple sports, have after-school activities, and still need time to just be kids!  We have created our Train and Play program to meet the needs of families who want to receive the best training in Nebraska without the added time or costs of playing on a "club" volleyball team.  

Train and Play offers kids the opportunity to train with the same knowledgeable coaching staff that works with our club teams.  Master Coaches Dan Mader  (7-9th) and Bryce Hickerson  (4-6th) help players learn the correct techniques, all while competing on a team.  

Join us for another awesome season of learning, competing, and having fun!   Keep your eyes peeled for registration, as this program sells out FAST!